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Hi! My humans call me Xena. I'm a mutt, but for some reason the Big Guy calls me a Heinz 57. I like playing with my tennis balls, and I love table scraps. But the best thing of all are walks. I get so excited! What's not to love, it's a walk!

I don't like baths. The Big Guy drags me out of whatever hiding place I can find and dumps me in the tub at least one a month. I work hard to perfect my smell and they have to go and ruin it. I don't like being wet! At least they give me some really yummy teats afterward.

The Big Guy isn't home to much anymore, and neither is She-Who-Smells-of-Vanilla. So it's just me, Boy-Who-Yells, and the Gray Woman. Boy-Who-Yells takes me for walks everyday! Gray Woman to, and we sit together on the couch when the Loud Box is on. Except when She-Who-Smells-of-Vanilla is home, then I have to sit on the floor. I like the couch better, it's softer.

Some of She-Who-Smells-of-Vanilla and her friends decided that I should run for the office of the President of the United States of America. They made a web site and everything. Check it out on the left.

Look! Look! A Tennis Ball!
Tennis Ball

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