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Zi and Honeybun

Zi Honeybun
Zi Honeybun

Donna Roscoe comes up with stories involving the two stuffed animals, Zi and Honeybun. Zi is a hyperactive, curious, gibbon monkey with an obsession with bananas. Honeybun is the much more laid back of the two and spends a good portion of his time trying to keep his best friend out of trouble.

They go on many adventures, often times leaving a path of annoyed, angry, or exasperated people, with the occasional restraining order, in there wake.

Only one of there adventures has made it to print. It's a PDF file that you can view by clicking on the title below.

A Visit to Santa's Print Shop
Written by Donna Roscoe and Nyssa Roscoe
Illustrated by Kurt Roscoe
Worton, in a desperate attempt keep his ship intact beamed Honeybun and Zi off it and they landed at the North Pole. What misadventures will these two land in? And why is there an ink stain between pages 422 and 423 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
Gingitsune Productions