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Other Roscoes

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Roscoe The dog up the street.
Bill Roscoe Director of Oxford University Computing Laboratory and a Professor of Computing Science
Patrick Roscoe (1965 – ) Novelist, short story writer, and actor.
Ingrid Roscoe (1944 – ) Writer on English art
Henry Enfield Roscoe (1833 – 1915) English chemist. Beatrix Potter 's uncle. Roscoelite was named after him.
Francis James Roscoe (1831 – 1878) Canadian entrepreneur and Member of Parliament. Grandson of William Roscoe.
William Roscoe (1753 – 1831) English historian



Roscoe, Illinois Indy Racing League driver Danica Sue Patrick's hometown
Roscoe, Minnesota A town in Sterns County, Minnesota.
Roscoe, Missouri A village in St. Clair County, Missouri.
Roscoe, New York Also known as "Trout Town USA" as it is a main fly-fishing destination.
Roscoe, Pennsylvania A borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania
Roscoe, South Dakota A city in Edmunds Country, South Dakota.
Roscoe, Texas Home of the largest wind farm in the US.
Roscoe Village, Ohio A restored village run and operated by the Montgomery Foundation to promote education of mid 19th century life.



Roscoelite A green mineral from the mica group.
Chemical formula: K(V3+,Al,Mg)2AlSi3O10(OH)2
Roscoe A type of mainframe computer.
Roscoe A novel by William Kennedy.
Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific Railroad A railroad based out of Roscoe, Texas that joins up with the Union Pacific.
Radio Free Roscoe A Canadian Television series.


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